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Forum Rules
MFC Forum Rules

Forums are not static entities. As need arises, these rules may be altered or added to. Exemptions to any of these rules may be granted by forum moderators.

1.About Register
  • In order to join discussion of MFC forum, you should create a new account. After registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which you must accept before being able to post on our forum.
  • When you fill in the registration information,the username you want to register shall not contain "MFC" / "my family cinema" or any other trademarked, product or company names.
2.About Discussions Forum Rules
  • General
  • Politeness is Mutual respect is the basic principle when you post in the forum.
  • Please read the published technical support documents before asking questions.
  • When you post a question, be patient please. MFC team will answer the question as soon as possible, it may take some time, please wait at least one working day before bump your own post unless you have new information to add.
  • Please respect the coding efforts of MFC developers, we accept criticism and advice, and devote to do better improvement for users, but refuse any comments with bad intentions.
    About Posting
  • All the post should written in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • No sell or promote services for profit purpose please. MFC forum cares our users and anyone interested in MFC, but once we notice any unauthorized profitable product sale and promotion, it will be banned immediately.
  • The content cannot contain malicious links or other links which have nothing to do with MFC, forum moderators may, at any time, delete or alter your unqualified post with a warning.
  • Please post your ideas in related column of MFC forum. MFC builds columns for different contents, when you have a question, post it in the proper column to get help faster. For example, when you ask MFC operation problems, you should post your question in MFC USER FORUM not MFC DEVELOPER FORUM.
  • Don't publish duplicate posts all the time.It takes a lot of energy to maintain the efficiency and vitality of the forum, repeated content constantly increases the unnecessary work for operation team.
    When you ask a question or make some suggestions, the following advice will help your problem be solved more quickly.
  • Use a clear heading to reflect your problem. A clear title will allow MFC team and other users to locate your problem more quickly.
  • Describe your problem concise and clear.
  • If necessary, post a screenshot to make your problem more distinctly.
3.About Discussions
     MFC team provides a platform to support users submitting proposal and insufficient of MFC. If you find some problem during using MFC and you think it may be a bug, you can post it to the forum of MFC BUG LIST. And you should follow these rules:
  • Before you post a bug, please read the bug list carefully to make sure this bug has not been discovered yet.
  • When you post this bug, be clear and concise please. If necessary, you can post one video or screenshot for locating this situation more quickly.
  • If we confirm it is a bug, we will get in touch with you and update it to bug list.

4.About Media
There are several discussion columns for different content. Please notice that only posts related to content can be published in the corresponding column to maintain the systematization and cleanliness of the forum. The non-related content will be deleted or moved to the relevant forum (Without prior explanation).
  • All discussions dealing directly with or linking to add-ons, websites, or services that violate any copyright laws ("pirated content") will be deleted when a forum moderator has been made aware of them. The original poster or add-on creator may provide a link to a website not hosted by MFC for further discussion and inquiries.
  • All links of pirated content will be removed. Requests on where to obtain pirated content will also be removed.
5.Forum moderator privileges
  • Notice
     When forum moderators notice the malicious comments and posts, they have the right to warn the users.
  • Delete
     When users do not correct behavior after receiving a warning, forum moderators have the right to delete the posts and comments without a notice.
  • Ban
     When users do not correct behavior or escalate to a worse level after receiving a warning, forum moderators have the right to ban the users for a period of time or permanently.

6.The Final
  • Whether individually or collectively, if you think your rights have been infringed on in this forum, please send email to .After verification, the forum will properly handle it in the first place. 
  • To register the members of this forum, accept all the above rules by default and voluntarily. Please read carefully and wait for your approval to participate in the forum so as to avoid unanticipated loss of personal rights. 
  • These rules shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation. 
  • All the rights to amend and interpret these rules shall belong to this forum.

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